Who wants to be a Killionaire in Tango Fiesta

80s themed action shooter Tango Fiesta has a brand new campaign and a new playable character. Don’t worry though, they’re just as stereotypically 1980’s as what you’re used to.

Seriously, how many movies in the 80s started with a tag line that read something like ‘accused of a crime he didn’t commit’? Rogue-like shooter Tango Fiesta, which already had reasonable facsimiles of a bunch of 80s action stars and settings, has taken this trope  and run with it for a parody of the famous Schwarzenegger flick The Running Man. And if you don’t know what that means, basically, you’re fighting for your freedom in a kind of game show setting, but one where everybody’s out to kill you.

Of course, since Arnie is already in the game (in his Commando guise) developer Spilt Milk went with an original character who still manages to be a complete throwback. Personally, I can’t get enough of this stuff, so they can keep the nostalgia coming for a good long time yet. If that sounds like you too, you can grab Tango Fiesta right now on Steam Early Access for the PC.

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