Wield supernatural Celtic power in These Doomed Isles: The First God

Wield supernatural Celtic power in These Doomed Isles: The First God

The ancient world is the home of the god Cernunnos in the city-builder These Doomed Isles. Get a taste of the action in the free demo, The First God.

Of decks and cities

Celtic myth isn’t something that you see all that much in the gaming-realm, but Triplevision Games and Fireshine Games are seeing to that this year with These Doomed Isles. But before that full retail release arrives, there’s a playable teaser on the way with The First God.

It focuses on the Celtic nature-god, Cernunnos.

Raise land and build a settlement for your followers while wielding Cernunnos’ power to rain down meteors on invaders or strike fear into them with lightning. Build your empire and provide your followers with resources, while stacking up powerful status effects to conquer your enemies and defend against incoming attacks.

Triplevision Games press release

So a few things about this one. For starters, These Doomed Isles looks to be a full retail release, and not a free-to-play title. The First God though, is free and will serve as more or less a demo. As a nice little bonus too, it will convey player-progress, so you can pick up where you left off, once These Doomed Isles arrives.

While The First God features only Cernunnos too, the full release will have much more. Would-be players can expect 3 different gods and civilizations to field, plus “over 20 enemy types and 10 bosses to slay; and over 250 cards to help build your empire”.

These Doomed Isles: The Last God will hit Steam (for the PC) some time this April, with the full These Doomed Isles release landing sometime thereafter.

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