Wii online services to shut down

Nintendo has announced that the original Wii’s online services will begin to shut down soon.

Wii owners might want to cue up ‘taps’ as the console is entering its last few months of online functionality. Along with the discontinuation of the Wii Message Board; the Nintendo, News, Weather, Everybody Votes, and Mii Contest channels will all cease to function as of June 28th.

Fans shouldn’t expect them to come back on at any point either as this is a permanent shut down for the Wii services. What’s that you say, ‘you don’t use any of those functions anyway’? Not that I’m sure anyone actually does, but you’ll still probably be affected by the shut down as some games are losing their “data exchange functions” as well.

All is not lost for Wii hangers-on though as you’ll still be able to shop on the Wii Shop Channel for the foreseeable future, though that’s probably more to do with the fact that the Wii U still uses that particular service as well.

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