Wii U outsells the PS4 in inFamous’ first week of sales in Japan

Nintendo’s Wii U outsold Sony’s next generation gaming juggernaut in Japan, in a week where it received one of its most eagerly anticipated games.

So, what to make of this exactly? The PS4, with inFamous: Second Sun in tow (a hugely anticipated and critically acclaimed title) has officially lost out in sales to the Wii U in Japan. That’s more than a little bit of a shock since the PlayStation 3 successor has been selling well and is a star in the next-gen ranks, beating out the Xbox One globally by some two million units sold (though Microsoft’s console isn’t yet available in Japan).

Even with all that in mind, and inFamous out and on the shelves, the Wii U, which has been floundering and seen Nintendo’s stock with gamers dipping to some low levels, defeated it by about a thousand units in the sales department. A little less shocking, but still something of a surprise, is that the PS4 just beat out the PS3 on the Japanese charts. And by that, I mean just– the console sold four more units (officially anyway) that the last-gen Sony machine, which is a heck of slim margin.

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What this says for the state of both Sony’s next generation gaming console and the future for the Wii U, a console that had been struggling mightily, I don’t know. It could be that it’s just an aberration, though it could also be that tastes in Japan are starting to lean Nintendo’s way once more as to the home console race.

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