Wikipad tablet/controller combo delayed at the last second

The original ship date for the Android-based tablet was to be October 31st, but at the very last moment consumers got a very annoying surprise.

The Wikipad team announced that that they would be taking advantage of “a last minute opportunity” to enhance the Wikipad and make some “minor refinements” to the bundle. As a result of this decision, it missed it’s announced launch day. So instead of a few days ago, folks who pre-ordered the Wikipad or those looking to snag one at launch can look forward to seeing it… uh, who knows actually. Yep, that’s right, there’s no revised release date as of yet.

Now there is a silver lining to this. Sort of. The Wikipad Team has announced that people who pre-ordered the pad already (through 10/31/12) will be on the receiving end of a special gift for waiting things out. There’s no announcement as to what that might be yet either, but hey- better than nothing right?

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The company also adds that they are in “the final stage” of manufacturing (I assume that’s what they’re in the ‘final stage’ of anyway) and that the device will have a new release date “soon”.

Source: Kotaku

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