With a host of improvements, old school brawler Battle Axe hits PS5

With a host of improvements, old school brawler Battle Axe hits PS5

Coming to the PlayStation 5 this week, Numbskull and Bitmap Bureau’s pixel art hack and slash Battle Axe has improvements aplenty.

To battle!

Decidedly not the same game that’s seen release for a number of other platforms, the PS5 edition of Battle Axe has seen some changes. Those come after developer Bitmap Bureau released the brawler Final Vendetta, and had some post-launch time to dig back into the previously seen Battle Axe.

Already a great actioner, Battle Axe can now tout a little bit of an easier time for those who struggled with it. Not that the game is any more forgiving, but there are unlimited continues now. That should help out a bit.

Continues are just the tip of the iceberg though, as there are a few other key improvements. And since this is a physical launch for the PS5, there are some goodies too.

Here’s what you get, all told:

  • EXCLUSIVE PS5 SPECIAL EDITION: Includes the Base Game, Soundtrack CD by Manami Matsumae and an exclusive game sleeve displaying the games lead villain Etheldred.
  • UPDATES: Hot off the heels of the release of Final Vendetta. Bitmap Bureau have been able to revisit the game to deliver a number of quality of life improvements, including:
    • New Casual Difficulty Mode (with unlimited continues.)
    • New Strafing mechanic. Move whilst you use your ranged ability!
    • Improved CRT shader.
    • Other game re-balances.
    • These updates will also be coming to previous versions of the game in future patches.
  • The physical release of Battle Axe – Special Edition will be available for PlayStation ® 5 priced at £39.99 / €49.99 / $44.95 RSP.

Now, you’ll note there, that the updates will be coming to other editions of the game too. So if you own one of those already, you’ll be good to go (eventually). As of right this moment though, you’ll heave to get the PS5 version to partake.

That’ll be out this Friday (the 18th) in the UK, while American and Canadian versions will be en route for launch some time this December.

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