Wolfenstein II finally arrives on the Switch on June 29th

Bethesda’s shooter sequel to the relaunched Wolfenstein first landed on consoles late last year. And now it’s finally almost here, bringing more FPS action to the Nintendo Switch.

Wolfenstein (II) is back

Gotta say, that looks pretty great. And, it could be my imagination, but it seems a fair bit better than even Doom looked, when that hit the Switch last year. That’s saying something too, since Doom made, overall, some very impressive use of the Switch’s hardware.

Sure it was a little blurred out in places, but it looked great… phenomenal if you considered it mainly a handheld rendition. Wolf II though, seems to be just that much better, and also carries over all the elements of the game’s original console launch.

As BJ Blazkowicz, experience an unforgettable action-packed story brought to life by extraordinary characters. Reunite with your friends and fellow freedom fighters as you take on the evil Frau Engel and her Nazi army. Wage the second American Revolution your way – at home or on the go. And, for the perfect blend of immersion and accuracy, utilize Nintendo Switch’s unique motion controls to stop the Nazi threat.

Eh, I could take or leave the motion control stuff, but otherwise this looks like a great port. And also a terrific opportunity for anyone who might’ve passed up on the first run for the game.

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