Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World gets a new gameplay trailer

Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World gets a new gameplay trailer

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard about Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World. The Monster World IV remake is still on pace for a spring release this year. Until now, we’ve had some screenshots and a brief trailer to pour over. Today, developer Artdink and publisher ININ Games released a new gameplay trailer for Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World. This time, instead of comparing the remake to the classic, this new trailer shows off more action and introduces you to friend and foe alike.

Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World stars a young warrior named Asha. The trailer shows her facing many different challenges, from platforming feats to enemies. Of course, it’s not like that’s surprising. The game is a remake of a fairly popular action-adventure platformer, so fights and jumps are expected.

But it’s not just about Asha fighting bad guys. She’s not exactly the lone warrior type. The trailer introduces you to some of her allies who will help her along the way, such as her sidekick Pepelogoo, as well as a wizard and some kind of flying mushroom genie. Yes, the game is shaping  up to be a lighthearted, goofy adventure. Asha even does a silly dance before opening chests. I can see that becoming a Games Done Quick meme already.

We’re bringing the band back together

Fans should be happy about Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World, as it not only looks great, but comes with a pedigree. According to ININ, the game is being developed by some members of Westone Bit, the developer of 1994’s Monster World IV. The project is being directed by the original creator, Ryuichi Nishizawa. Shinichi Sakamoto is composing the audio and music, Maki Ōzora is the character designer, and Takanori Kurihara has been pulled in as a creative manager. All of whom are Westone alumni.

I think the game might be in good hands.

The Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World gameplay trailer mentions we’ll see the game release in Q2 2021. This will put its launch window somewhere between April and June.

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