World War Z gets infusion of fresh content

Co-op zombie shooter World War Z is getting a horde of new content. Bug fixes will come alongside both a new map/mission and a new zombie type.

Updating the zompocalpyse

Have you played World War Z? The game, which at first seemed like a cash-in, has more or less set the world on fire since release. Selling around 2 million copies in its first month, WWZ isn’t set to slow down any time soon.

That’s due to a brand new pack of DLC that will give players a new mission, locale, and enemy to dispatch. Even better, The Undead Sea will be free to add onto your game.

Players can now take on a totally new mission in Tokyo aboard an undead-infested ferry, where you and your squad will battle through open decks and tight cabins in one of the game’s most intense challenges yet. But beware: a virulent new zombie type is on the loose, one which spits deadly toxins and will come back to life if not dispatched appropriately.

World War Z press release

In addition to the above, the new update brings fixes and balancing as well. You’ll also get private lobbies, the ability to switch up classes in “PvPvZ” matches, and field of view sliders (on the PC). So there’s a lot to this one. And again, it’s all free.

But Saber Interactive isn’t done yet. The post-launch roadmap rolls ever forward, and will shortly include:

  • Six-skull difficulty setting
  • Weekly Challenge mode
  • Wave-based survival mode
  • …and more. 

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