Would you want to play, or even help make, a third Condemned title?

Former Monolith boss Jace Hall is actively looking for an indie studio to make a third entry in the Condemned series a reality. If you’d like to play it that is.

Condemned last saw a release back in 2008 when it launched for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. That’s a while ago, but the series is still remembered fondly by gamers for its use of a more psychologically-tilted horror vibe that was very much grounded in dangerous, real-world influenced locations and characters. Developer Monolith has moved on though, and so has publisher Sega, so what’s a franchise to do?

Well, Jace Hall has an idea, how about the indie route? Hall was deeply involved in the games when he was the head of Monolith and says he’s constantly asked about a third Condemned title, which he’d love nothing less than to make a reality for fans. However, to do that, he needs a studio that’s willing to develop the game. Hall is apparently busy with other projects (a state that he says won’t end anytime soon), and since he’s no longer working with Monolith, he’s gotta get someone else to craft the game.

Who that might be is still mystery since no one has stood up to take the reigns just yet, though I have to believe that there’s some developer out there who would be willing to take on a franchise this big. Sure Condemned might not be a household name, but there’ve been two games in the series, both of which performed well critically and with gamers, and both of which came out of not only a large development house, but a massive publisher; there has to be a studio who’d like to take on that legacy.

If that’s you, you might want to give Mr. Hall a call. And if you’re gamer who’d just like to play another Condemned-branded title, well, I think it’s probably safe to say you might be hearing something sometime soon.

Source: Polygon

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