Writer Tom King talks Mister Miracle, and Scott Free’s return to comics

DC’s number one escape artist is returning to the DCU for a 12 issue maxi-series. But can Mister Miracle escape… death?

Death comes for us all

I’m liking what I’m hearing here. Mister Miracle is a niche character at this point, there’s no doubt of that really. So to hear Tom King talking about making something that’s right there with some of ethics’s greatest DC books of all time? Well, that’s really something.

There’s a chance for a classic here too, I believe. Fans haven’t really seen the New Gods outside of Darkseid and his stable of baddies for a while. And even when we do get a look, it’s someone like Orion, who fits well with the DC superhero universe as a whole. As for Mister Miracle AKA Scott Free, well he’s a bit different. I guess he’d be the New God of… escape?

Whatever his godly moniker might be, Miracle’s task is certainly as different as he is. After all, it’s not every day that someone gets to try and escape death. Throwing a curveball into the works too, is the fact that this tale will be in-continuity.

So this isn’t something like Dark Knight Returns right off the bat, since this one will have an impact on the DCU proper. I think it’s been a while since DC has put out a maxi-series too, so it should be interesting. If it does well, I’d imagine we might get a resurgence of the format. That’d be nice to see.

Mister Miracle #1 arrives in stores today from King, and artist Mitch Gerads.

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