Wukong gets a new gameplay trailer showcasing DLSS

Wukong gets a new gameplay trailer showcasing DLSS

I’ll admit, in the back of my mind, I wondered if Black Myth: Wukong was real. The game came out of seemingly nowhere, with then unknown developer Game Science dropping a 13-minute gameplay trailer. There was no teaser, no email, no person in a polo making awkward conversations on a stage. Nothing. But the game looked beautiful and sported some crisp free-flowing combat. The game was shown again earlier this year in a much shorter video. Game Science has returned, however, with another lengthy gameplay trailer for Black Myth: Wukong, which has been upgraded to Unreal Engine 5 and given DLSS support.

The nearly 13-minute trailer showcases some gorgeous visuals, both with the environment and the game’s eccentric creatures and characters. There are some impressive details on display, featuring ancient mountain temples and weathered stone pillars. The action finally kicks off when our staff-wielding monkey king faces the region’s boss: an ape man, who taps into his inner Chaos from Primal Rage to deliver some rancid puke and fart attacks. Gross.


This particular gameplay trailer finally shows off some HUD elements in Black Myth: Wukong. Now, it’s at last looking like a video game, as opposed to a tech demo. The HUD shows off how abilities and health are displayed in the game. It takes a minimalistic approach, using bars for health and stamina, with icons for abilities. One ability in the trailer has the monkey king creating a fiery barrier around him, melting the snow in a circular pattern. Graphically, this game is looking spectacular. Check it out in motion:

Black Myth: Wukong gets its DLSS trailer

The more I see of Black Myth: Wukong, the more impressed I am. Hopefully, the game turns out as good as it looks. The new trailer, like the ones before, does offer glimpses of other boss battle in the game. I’m eager to find out if there will be plenty of options for us to explore its alluring world, as opposed to moving from one boss fight to the next. We still have a long wait to find out, though. Black Myth: Wukong is scheduled for a release in 2023, which means there will be a lot of time to speculate.

Black Myth Wukong Nvidia Dlss New Gameplay Trailer Feat Detail

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