X is nextHOX/POXThe end is the beginning

Not completely, but writer Jonathan Hickman has detailed some of what fans will be seeing as the X-Men enter a new creative era under his wing.

X is next

Marvel Comics has been through a lot with the X-Men over the years. And by that, I mainly mean pre-2000s. In recent times the team, and the general “mutant” theme, has fallen to the wayside.

Depending on who you talk to, there are definite reasons for that, but we won’t get into those here. Instead, we’re going to talk resurgence, because that’s just what writer Jonathan Hickman is bringing to the brand.

The year 2019 represents a closure of what’s happening now. It’s also the beginning of what sounds like a brand new X-boom. And it all begins with this summer’s House of X and Powers of X series’.


Following HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X, a new X-universe will emerge, with Hickman leading the first phase with an ongoing flagship X-Men book alongside multiple new series and creative teams. “Some [books] will be traditional fare, some carry through on ideas presented in HOX and POX. Some books are completely new concepts,” said Hickman. More details about these books will be revealed at San Diego Comic Con later this July.

“HOUSE OF X, is a story about a pivotal month in the history of the X-Men where everything changes for mutants on Earth. And the other, POWERS OF X, is a story about the history of mutants in the Marvel Universe,” explained Hickman. Each series will be released on an alternate weekly schedule, starting with HOUSE OF X, followed by POWERS OF X. Fans will be able to follow along each week this summer and witness history unfold. 

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The end is the beginning

The end begins with the above, as all of the current X-books will be closing out. Yes, that means no more Uncanny… for now anyway. As you can see above, Hickman clearly leaves the door open for returning favorites to go along with those new titles.

By the autumn, things will be wrapping up. It’s then that fans will have a clear view of what the new status quo will be. If you’re an X-fan, that’s hard not to get excited about. Actually, all of this mutant talk is.

The brand has been so forgotten about for so long, that it’s just great to hear Marvel talking about big happenings in the mutant corner again. Of course, we’ll all have to cross our fingers as to any of this being good. Though, this is Jon Hickman we’re talking about. He’s got a solid track record with big Marvel heroes, so there’s reason for hope.

“We needed to sell the idea that this is what we’re going to be doing for the next few years,” said Hickman. “We wanted to be clear to the fans, to the stores, and just as importantly, to the creators who are going to be staffing these books in the future. We wanted the message to be very clear: This is a whole new era for the X-Men. This is what we’re doing now.

Jonathan Hickman

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