X-Men ResurreXion spotlighted in new one-shot from Marvel

It’s a sampler, but there aren’t any chocolates to be found. Nope, this is all X-Men, showcasing many of the new books that’ll be a part of the ResurreXion initiative from Marvel Comics.

ResurreXion Spotlight Sampler

X-MEN PRIME #1 and INHUMANS PRIME #1 are set to take the comics industry by storm on March 29th, setting the stage for the entire line or ResurrXion titles. When visiting your local comic shop on March 29th, don’t forget to grab a copy of the FREE RESSURXION SPOTLIGHT SAMPLER too! An oversized 56-page standalone book, inside you’ll be treated to new previewscreator interviewscharacter designs and more! Get the inside scoop on all the can’t-miss X-Men and Inhumans launches before they hit the stands! Featuring X-MEN GOLDX-MEN BLUEROYALSCABLEICEMANJEAN GREYGENERATION XWEAPON X and more – it’s your one-stop shop for all things ResurrXion! Don’t miss one moment of the action that already has the entire industry buzzing. Try out all the upcoming titles on March 29th when the FREE RESSURXION SPOTLIGHT SAMPLER comes to comic shops!

All this and free too? An actual pretty great deal, the Spotlight Sampler should be a fitting add-on. You know, to all those X-books that you’re going to be buying. Cause I mean, let’s be honest here, we’re all friends. If you’re an X-Men fan, then you’re more than likely going to be buying most of this stuff.

A major X resurgence hasn’t happened in a while, and this one’s too good not to savor. Especially since so many of the classic characters are in play once again, and we’re even getting the freaking Blue and Gold team designations back. How cool is that?

Giving fans a little freebie packed with content is just the icing on that cake.

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