XBLA and the PSN get to the choppah – Thunder Wolves is out today

Helicopter blast-a-thon Thunder Wolves is flaying over to consoles today.

Do you like Air Wolf, big explosions, shooting things with gigantic and high powered weaponry, or just shouting out that line from Predator? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then bitcomposer’s Thunder Wolves just might be your cup of napalm.

An arcade shooter in the classic style, Thunder Wolves has been blasting away on PC’s for a while now and has finally touched down on the Xbox 360 and PS3 today. Promising “paper-thin plots, endless supplies of disposable henchman, and explosions everywhere”, TW is a love letter to all the things that made arcade games and action movies such a blast (ahem) back in the magical 1990’s.

The game even supports local co-op for that ‘buddy action flick’ feel and has more shooting than you can shake a sidewinder at spread out across 13 missions. And those aren’t just ‘destroy everything’ missions either as you’ll engage in multiple types of action and even stealth missions.

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Thunder Wolves is out now on the PSN and Xbox Live and will cost you $9.99 (same price as the PC version) and 800 MS Points respectively.

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