Xbox Live turns 10, gives out Avatar awards

Xbox Live members might want to check the old email- there’s a spiffy new helmet for your Avatar inside.

Microsoft has included a code for an Xbox Avatar award in an email sent out by the company to Live members. It’s a pretty nifty little helmet that kind of looks like Cobra Commander if he was the official Xbox spokesman… snake.

Also (not a part of any email but still pretty cool) there are a bunch of contests going on right now to celebrate the decade of Live and several XBLA titles are on sale for half price this week. Wreckateer (the Kinect-ed castle smashing title released as part of Summer of Arcade this year) is also totally free to download for today only.

Personally, I’d much rather have seen something like a digital copy of Halo: Combat Evolved as a giveaway instead of a game that only someone with a Kinect can play, but I guess a freebie is a freebie.

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