Xbox One breaks preorder records at Blockbuster

So apparently internet gamer rage doesn’t count for much in the real world.

Since the Xbox One was announced last week, there’s been a veritable cacophony of rage for reasons both understandable and nonsensical erupting from the vast sea of anonymity known as the internet. So has that resulted in lower than average pre-sales  at retailers that have opened up the reservation lines? Nope.

According to international home video and gaming chain Blockbuster, the system has already broken all previous records for new console launches through the company’s history. That’s a pretty big deal for Microsoft as the Xbox One has been met with a fair amount of criticism since last Tuesday’s Xbox One reveal event.

So far at least, it appears as though all the harsh words haven’t translated to the retail shelf. That’s a very good sign for the console and one that speaks to the public’s hunger for a new generation of gaming machines after what’s been one of the longest standing generations in gaming history.

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Source: MCV

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