Xbox One games will always have a voice command option

Wondering if Xbox One games will still have voice functionality built-in even in a post Kinect pack-in world? Wonder no more.

Yes, it’s true that Microsoft is semi giving up the dream of a Kinect in very home, but that doesn’t mean that gamers who have the peripheral will have to give up voice commands in their games. Microsoft has announced that even though developers can now access Kinect GPU resources to boost game performance, the core functionality of the peripheral has not been forsaken.

Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb told website Eurogamer recently that gamers will always be able to order their console to do things like record game clips using only their voice. Provided you have a Kinect, even while playing a game that doesn’t take advantage of the camera array, you’ll still be able to vocalize your wishes to your Xbox One console going forward.

Lobb went on to say that the ‘dropping’ of Kinect as a mandatory tool for developers to include in their games is really about providing more choice to those companies. A developer can go ahead and utilize Kinect as intended by the Xbox folks, or allocate those resources to pushing the GPU harder to improve other aspects of gameplay.

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Bottom line though, if you have a Kinect 2.0 and you love using it, then you don’t have a thing to worry about. And if you don’t, well, if you get one down the road you’ll be able to use it as intended.

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