Xbox One X enhanced goes list now at over 130

There’s set to be a decent crowd of games that’ll be upgraded for the Xbox One X’ capabilities when it arrives next month. So far, the list is up to 130.


When it comes to console refreshes, you have to offer the base something new to get ’em to buy in. It’s not all that easy of a proposal after all. That “base” already has a console that can play all the games meant for the new system.

Microsoft is looking to change that with its new high-end console though, since the Xbox One X seems to offer quite a bit. Well, if you own a TV that can actually display all the new hotness anyway. Buying a console meant to show off HDR and 4K resolutions doesn’t make much sense if your TV can’t take advantage.

Aside from TV technicalities, the other thing that can kill a launch like this is a lack of games. If there are too few Xbox One titles making use of the X’ abilities, it’s a pretty big issue. Fortunately for those picking up a new X, there seems to be plenty to play.

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Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) has just announced that the list of games the get a bump from the X has ballooned to over 130. That’s a very good thing. Even better? There are some awesome titles on that list.

Gears 4, Diablo III, Doom, Halo 5, Halo Wars 2, Shadow of War, Resident Evil VII, Battlefront II and lots more are present. So if you’re looking for big, blockbuster games, they’re here for the X. Check out the rest of the list here, and then figure out if you want to pre-order one. The “Scorpio” edition is long gone, but the basic X is still out there and available.

The Xbox One X lands on retail shelves on November 6th.

Source: MajorNelson

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