XCOM FPS not so dead after all?

The shooter version of popular strategy game XCOM might not be on hold for long as a reveal might be on the way sooner rather than later.

Website CVG is reporting that a YouTube video about the recent (real life) Russian meteor might actually be a viral teaser for the XCOM shooter that was decently along in development before being shelved last year. The video is short and doesn’t have all that much in it other than a detail in the source code – a line that reads: whathappenedin62.

Take-Two, the publisher of XCOM, recently registered a domain under the same odd title and has been sending XCOM promo material to certain members of the gaming press. Add to that that all this is happening at the same time that XCOM’s old site and trailer have been pulled and you have the makings of a little conspiracy.

As the turn-based XCOM Enemy Unknown actually did pretty well at retail and scored highly among critics, it shouldn’t surprise anyone in the least that the franchise would be expanded on. And with E3 just a few months away in June, the chances are that we haven’t seen the last of XCOM’s little gray men.

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Source: MCV

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