Xeno Crisis/Tanglewood and The Oliver Twins Evercade carts up for pre-order

Xeno Crisis/Tanglewood and The Oliver Twins Evercade carts up for pre-order

The selection of classic games available for the new Evercade portable gets a little bigger. Collections 11 and 12 are ready for pre-order.

Retro heaven

If you’re a retro gamer, then chances are that you already know all about Evercade. If you somehow don’t however, all you really have to know is that the new handheld console was made with you in mind.

About the size of a PS Vita, the just-released Evercade is dedicated to retro gaming. It plays host to tons of classics and retro-style games already, including those from Atari, Technos, and more. It also makes use of actual cartridges that host the mini-collections. That’s kind of a rarity these days (and that’s an understatement).

Those already on the hunt for more should be pleased today. That’s because Evercade’s latest carts to be announced have hit the pre-order phase. Those include a combo cart featuring Xeno Crisis and Tanglewood, and an Oliver Twins Collection. And yes, the latter includes plenty of Dizzy titles (7 of ’em).

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The games are not available just anywhere however. Here in the US though, Amazon does stock them, so they should be easy enough to pick up/pre-order. Depending on where in the world you are, that availability might change slightly, but can find a full retailer listing here.

For their part, Evercade is planning on a ton more support for the new system. It’s a roadmap that includes 10 already available carts, and another 4-5 coming up later this year. Oh, and that’s including some possible arcade titles.

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