Xian Mei returning to Dead Island for MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic

Another of the heroes from the main series of Dead Island games returns for the MOBA.

Xian Mei has managed to survive thus far using her sharp mind and even sharper weapons, and she intends to keep it that way. She is a mobile burst damage character who jumps into the fray with her swords and deals massive area damage before disappearing amidst her illusions, leaving the enemies disorientated, out of position and shortly thereafter, dead.

Dead Island sure is going in some interesting directions. Between this (a MOBA) and Escape Dead Island (a third-person sneak-em-up), there’s quite a bit of variation in the formerly straight-up brawling/shooting series. Of course, this all culminates in a return to form in Dead Island 2, which looks pretty great, so if you’re a fan of the more in your face action of the first two games, then you’ve definitely got something to look forward to.

The game has also just been updated with a frosty new playable character that includes an “ice-powered, mutated character”, named Hailey who definitely gives off an X-Men vibe. Check out her abilities and powers below, as they seem like just the ticket to smash through the hordes of zombies that stalk the island.

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