Yes, there is a story behind Street Fighter V

Capcom’s latest entry in the long-running Street Fighter series is looking great, and has a narrative (of some kind) to back up the one-on-one battling. I guess.

Yeah, not much to go on there huh? I know no one actually plays fighting games for the story, but it does help to get people into into it a little more to have some idea of what’s supposed to be happing. If you watched the ‘story trailer’ above, then you know that SFV has basically the same level of story that all the other games in the series do. Which is to say, there’s not much of one.

There are some interesting points to this little video though. First, you can get a bonus costume pack if you pre-order. Though all those alt skins are probably going to become available to buy at a later date, if you’re going to get the game anyway, you might as well pre-up and get ’em for nothing now. Second – what’s that “free update” that they mention?

I hadn’t heard any mention of something like that previously. And although there was probably zero chance that SFV wouldn’t be getting some kind of expansions post-launch, it’s interesting to see that Capcom is planning on giving it away for free. I wonder if that might mean more characters, or just more costumes?

Still, it does look awesome as is, and that’s more than enough for this Street Fighter fan. SFV lands on the PS4 and PC in a little under a month, on February 16th.

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