You are what you kill in The Surge 2

Survival in The Surge 2 is simple. Scavenge what armor and weaponry you can from your foes and graft it onto yourself. Hey, I said simple, not easy.


The original Surge was something of a niche hit. The Surge 2 on the other hand, is looking like a much improved overall package. The game just kind of pops in its trailers, and sounds like it’s sporting a much cooler story.

One things that’s staying more or less the same though, is its unique upgrade mechanics. That is to say, you have to rip your enemies’ limb from limb and use their mechanical parts to build and upgrade your own exo-rig.

While upgrading yourself is familiar, there are some new gameplay additions to talk about. Developer Deck 13 promises new “directional parries, drones, and brand new weapon types” for players to mess around with.

Pre-order are open now for The Surge 2, complete with bonus. Pre-ordering will net you the Urban Gear pack. That’s packed up with new armor, two new weapons, and assorted “cosmetics and equipment”.

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The Surge 2 lands on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 24th.

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