You Suck at Parking multiplayer mode shown off in new trailer

You Suck at Parking multiplayer mode shown off in new trailer

Have you ever wanted to play a game that replicates the frustrating experience of finding the last remaining parking spot before others do? Well, developer Happy Volcano has you covered with its upcoming top-down racing game aptly named You Suck at Parking. The game was actually revealed as far back as 2020, and now the studio has revealed more on a feature that takes the title’s wacky premise to its logical extreme. More specifically, You Suck at Parking will come with a multiplayer mode that sees players making a mad scramble to beat each other to the parking spot, and Happy Volcano has uploaded a brand new trailer showing it off.

Multiplayer mode can have up to eight players can compete with each other online, which suggests that matches have the potential to become ludicrously hectic in the best of ways. The multitude of stages and the variety of hazards found within, which include crushing spiked plates, homing mines, and giant magnets, will surely only add to the chaos.


What’s the rest of the game like?

Outside of the multiplayer mode, You Suck at Parking offers a robust single-player experience that boasts over 100 levels for players to tackle. These stages see players speeding through dangerous track layouts and slamming their brakes on the parking spot before time runs out. By collecting Car Keys and Parking Tokens, players can unlock a variety of new cars and customization options to mess around with.

According to game director David Prinsmel, Happy Volcano will have more news to share regarding both the single-player and multiplayer modes of You Suck at Parking at some point within the coming months. So far, the gameplay seems to have plenty of promise, so those interested should definitely stay tuned for more news on the game as its release draws near.

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