Young Justice game brings new trailer to justice

The Young Justice TV show was kind of an ‘under the radar’ thing while it was on the air. Equally running under fans scanners is the Young Justice game from Little Orbit.

If you were a fan of the recently canceled show, then it’s probably of no small interest to you that the game takes place well within the cartoon’s timeline with a storyline that occurs between the first and second seasons. And just like the show, there’s no shortage of heroes and villains present and accounted for.

The Justice League looks to be a constant presence in the game, which is great, and while we don’t know if any of them are playable, we do know that the roster of heroes that you can control tops out at a dozen. That’s pretty impressiver all by itself, but more are on the way too. Little Orbit says that DLC characters (and other extras) will be along some time after launch for universe-spanning DCU fans to add on to their game.

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As of now, the developer is promising that Young Justice will be playable at the E3 show in June and we’ll have more for you then, for now though, this is one little game that we’ll be keeping our fanboy eyes on.

Young Justice is due this September for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.

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