Your favorite Nintendo games are about to get real at Universal Parks

From the ‘strange but awesome’ file- Nintendo is partnering with Universal to produce rides and attractions based on their gaming licenses. The five-year old kid that lives in my brain just exploded.

There’s really nothing like Nintendo’s properties in all of gaming. The company has stuff that appeals to almost everybody. From Super Mario to the Legend of Zelda, I think it’s safe to say that pretty much everybody has a Nintendo series that they can call a favorite- or at the very least, some great memories of one or two from when they were growing up.

And I guess that includes the fine folks at Universal as well, since the company has inked a deal with the gaming giant to make rides out of their “wildly popular games, characters and worlds”. There’s nothing specific as of yet, so I imagine that actual attraction are still a ways off, but the imagination kind of reels at the possibilities.

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Who wouldn’t love to run through a real life Super Mario level set in the Mushroom Kingdom? Or a simulator that’d have you cruising around the galaxy in a StarFox Arwing? Or how about a roller coaster set in the world of Metroid, zipping you past an animatronic Ridley and through the inner-workings of planet Zebes? I’m probably getting a little too excited about it, but I’d be in for any of that and pretty much anything else that the ride-wizards at Universal might be cooking up.

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