Zenless Zone Zero trailer shows off some stylish gameplay

Zenless Zone Zero trailer shows off some stylish gameplay

Genshin Impact developers HoYoverse have a stronghold on the gacha game scene. The anime lover is widening its portfolio with a cyberpunk action game Zenless Zone Zero, with a new gameplay trailer to boot. Previously revealed through a series of ominous teasers, the game feels like a cross between Genshin Impact‘s third-person action and visuals crossed with the pacing and frenetic activity of a Platinum Games musou game.

A ton of new characters were shown off in this trailer, giving us a glimpse of the new playable characters fans may shell out tons of money for. The game will likely follow suit with its other HoYoverse brethren, Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact, as a free game with microtransactions. Like with Genshin, ZZZ will likely entice some to open up their wallets for a new playable character. Its street-smart, stylish gameplay sets it apart from other HoYoverse games, however, and I can’t wait to give it a try.


Fighting on the streets

In the trailer, we see a variety of different characters we’ll be able to play in the game. We see a white-haired woman fighting against a horde of mechs and soldiers with a fiery sword, hacking and slashing her way to victory. In addition, there’s a girl dressed in green with some perky cat-like ears to boot. There’s also a literal wolf with huge boots stomping down on these machines — this character may or may not be in your wheelhouse.

The Zenless Zone Zero gameplay trailer has stirred up quite a storm. And while it’s exciting to watch all of these anime-inspired characters fight their way through the Hallows, we may have to wait some time for the official release. A release date wasn’t shown off during Summer Game Fest, and Zenless Zone Zero was only officially revealed a month ago. Check out the Zenless Zone Zero trailer below if you haven’t already and prepare yourself for some action.

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